August 2, 2021 - 4:16pm --

Asset Mapping of County Sewer Resources to Commence

Community infrastructure assets such as water and sanitary sewer lines and others are usually hidden from plain sight. But if this infrastructure were not there, no community could sustain economic growth needed to help people live, work and thrive.

The Noble County Commissioners are working with Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) through a grant-funded project opportunity to provide geographic information systems (GIS) mapping of the county’s final sewer system assets in Belle Valley, Florence, the Lashley Addition, Maple Heights, Park Heights, and South Acres.

“Identifying our sewer resources via the GIS system is so critical to helping operators locate lines as needed for repairs or routine maintenance,” said Jason Weber, Noble County Water and Wastewater Superintendent. “When we have a problem we can quickly identify and locate the lines for repair.”  Weber added that they are already marking assets from Caldwell to Florence and will be doing other areas soon as well.

Representatives from local agencies and Ohio RCAP will be marking and identifying these assets throughout the summer months for the mapping project. The $7,000 project is paid for through an RCAP $5,250 grant from the Ohio Water Development Authority with local matching funds through the Community Development program at OSU Extension – Noble County. Extension programs in Noble County are made possible by local levy support, which is up for renewal on the ballot this fall.

Representatives will coordinate with Ohio RCAP on identifying the local sewer assets and mapping them. The final project will yield accurate maps, digital systems and provide equipment and training for ongoing GIS system updates. Ohio (RCAP) provides consulting services to help rural communities (fewer than 10,000 in population) address their drinking water and wastewater treatment needs.