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Beef School and Ag Crops Webinar Schedule


All webinars will be broadcast live on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the OSU Extension Southeast Regional Office 16714 Wolf Run Road Caldwell, OH 43724

Call 740-732-5681. Please RSVP at least 1 week before the broadcast.


Beef School: The 2017 school will take a close look at each of the three primary areas of production: cow/calf, backgrounding, and the feedlot. There will be a $10 cover charge to include attendance to your choice of one, two, or all three webinars:

·       January 17, 2017

o   Topic: Cow & Calf-Enhancing Profitability- Dr. Justin Rhinehart, Associate Professor, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, University of Tennessee Department of Animal Science, will discuss how genetics and nutrition are key components of reproduction management that will keep females productive.  Dr. Amy Radunz, Associate Professor, Beef Cattle Production, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, will cover how nutrition and management during gestation impacts the lifetime development of the resulting calf.

·       February 7, 2017

o   Topic: Background/Stocker Cattle Management- Dr. Francis Fluharty, Research Professor, The Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences, will compare grazing versus confinement growing systems for feeder cattle.  Dr. Fluharty will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these two distinctly different management systems and explore how calf health and management impact the end product.

·       February 28, 2017

o   Topic: Managing Feedlot Cattle for the Consumer- Dr. Justin Sexten, Supply Development Director for Certified Angus Beef, discussing “Meeting consumer demand: Perspective from the feed yard to the consumer.”  He will challenge the audience to consider questions such as: How do feeder, packer, grocer and restaurateur demands influence the decisions the cow-calf manager makes? Does an end-user focused cow herd work on the farm? What opportunities exist to capture value added processes?


Ag Crops: The Corn, Soybean and Wheat Connection Webinars are an outreach tool of the OSU Agronomic Crops Team that are of interest to producers and Certified Crop Advisors across the state. These webinars are free to attend.

·       January 31, 2017

o   Topic: Corn & Fungicide- Dr. Peter Thomison and Dr. Pierce Paul, OARDC, Plant Pathology will speak on “Assessing Growing Conditions and Impact on Ear Rots, Mycotoxins and Malformation in Corn”

·       February 21, 2017

o   Topic: Cover Crops & Soil Health- Dr. Steve Culman and Dr. Ryan Haden, Ag/Eng Technologies, OARDC, will speak on “Improving Soil Health and Using Cover Crops”