April 28, 2023 - 1:06pm -- stewart.1818@osu.edu

Ohio Transportation Improvement Districts (TIDs)

Gwynn Stewart, M.S.; Community Development Educator IV; College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; Ohio State University Extension, Noble County

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), a “Transportation Improvement District (TID) is a form of local government that strives to promote intergovernmental and public-private cooperation of transportation resources and investments.” Knowing why TIDs are created, how to create one, and how to manage one is an important first step for any community interested in forming a TID.

Graphic of the state of Ohio displaying the counties, depicting 53 colored green to indicate that they are registered transportation improvement districts.

Transportation improvement districts registered in 2023 with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Graphic by ODOT.

TIDs are often developed for economic development projects and are an efficient funding strategy to help communities experiencing growth. “In 2020, ODOT awarded $4.5 million to TID projects from state highway user fees” (Citizens Guide to Transportation Funding in Ohio, 2023). It’s important to understand Ohio’s TID law and how they are used by Ohio counties before considering the creation of a TID.

In Ohio, TIDS were first authorized in 1993 under Chapter 5540 of the Ohio Revised Code. This portion of the law provides details on transportation improvement districts and associated rules.

There are 35 counties with no TIDs and 53 counties with TIDs registered with ODOT (Informational Map: Ohio Department of Transportation, 2023). Many other states also have similar programs. 

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