May 23, 2019 - 2:52pm --

Parasites are the top issue facing sheep and goat producers in the Eastern United States. FAMACHA© eye scores and fecal egg counts are helpful tools for small ruminant producers seeking better parasite control in their flocks. These workshops will provide training for producers to conduct FAMACHA© eye scores and fecal egg counts at home.




FAMACHA© Eye Score Training

9 am - 11 am


Lamb Lunch

11 am - Noon


Fecal Egg Count Training

Noon - 3 pm


RSVP by June 13th

Classes limited to 20 people. Noble County residents will be granted priority enrollment. Class roster will be finalized by phone on June 14th. Payment due on June 21st.

To enroll in one or both of these classes contact:

Noble County OSU Extension

Phone: 740-732-5681