Procedures for tagging in - Jr. Fair Livestock -

Tagging’s & Weigh-ins for Market Goats, Market Lambs & Feeder Calves will not be held.

Tags for Market Hogs will not be distributed by advisors.

Tags will be distributed to members to tag their own animals just like we do with market hogs. 

Please request tags for Market Hogs, Market Goats, Market Lambs, Beef Feeder Calves and Dairy Beef Feeder Calves

Tag Request Guidelines:


** Each exhibitor can only request up to a maximum of 3 tags for each specie of Market Animal.  * Can tag-in a maximum of 3 market animals per exhibitor per SPECIES but eligible to show 2 of each specie at FAIR.      Can only sell a total of 2 animals in the Jr. Fair Sale.


* FAMILY ANIMAL RULE – To ease the burden for families to buy an extra animal for each child.  A maximum of three market animals may be tagged per member with two eligible to show and sell.  Each member must identify at least two animals as theirs on the tag in ID Cards.   Up to One animal per exhibitor may be tagged in the family name. (One family animal can be shared by all members of the family – just put FAMILY on the ID Card)


*Tags and ID Cards will be distributed by Livestock Sale Committee on June 5th from 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM at the Noble County Fairgrounds.  Times will be assigned by club.


Please use the link below to request your tags. Please fill out one for each exhibitor.  Tags must be requested by June 1st.